AYOTZI 68 is a collective of artists and activists that focuses on artistic creation, popular education and supporting the food sovereignty movement.  The name of the collective emerges from the social movement that intensifies after the Mexican army forcibly disappear 43 students for the Isidro Burgos Teacher’s College in Ayotzinapa, Mexico in September 2014.  As well as it collects the histories of global student movements of 1968, for instance when thousands of students were killed by the Mexican army in Tlatelolco. These events in turn are directly linked to the indigenous Zapatista struggle and a global indigenous resistance.  One of the objectives of the collective is to advance artistic creation and education through anti-capitalist practices, linking indigenous resistance and anti colonial struggles happening simultaneously around the world

In a few weeks I will be sending money raised through sales of the two 'Our Missing' tracks to the rural school in Ayotzinapa, Mexico. In a tragic series of events 43 students from the school were disappeared by state forces on the night of September 26th 2014. There is still no news of them. Having been in Mexico soon after they disappeared and learning about it through demonstrations I encountered, and from people I met, I felt impelled to do something to help. The rural teacher training colleges are vital for the continuation and survival of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, so the money raised from the sales of music written for a short film about the missing 43 will go to the rural school.

They took theM alive, we want them back alive